Crimson-Shell Chapter List

List of Chapters ( I - VI )

Sprout I: Prologue of Prologue

The Beginning, Shion the newest member of Crimson-Shell meets Claudia the Rose Witch for the first time.

Sprout II: Whisper of Thorn

Xeno's loyalties are questioned, who's side is he truly on and why has he abandonded Claudia ?

Sprout III: Invitation to a Nightmare

Claudia decides to investigate the Secondary Library in hope of uncovering Xeno's true motives and prove that he's still on their side.

Sprout IV: His Eaten Mind

Xeno has been turned into a victim of the Black Rose, how much of his sanity remains and does he still recognize Claudia ?

Sprout V: A Jet Rose's Ridicule

Shion is behind everything and reveals that he came to take Claudia's Premier Seed as he deems her a "failure".

Sprout VI: Epilogue of Prologue

The Ending, Shion is gone and Claudia and Xeno are able to reconcile but in the end only one of them will walk away.