Sprout I: Prologue of Prologue


Chapter 1
Volume 1
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Prologue of Prologue is the 1st chapter of Jun Mochizuki's Crimson-Shell one-shot.


CS manga - debut claudia

Claudia appears.

The Red Rose Headquarters is under attack by many Infected and the members are trying to kill them all off. Shion, the newest addition, is unable to shoot the monsters and is called a crybaby by Claudia before she gets rid of the rest of the monsters. While Claudia straightens up, Shion looks on in shock and fear at Claudia's power. Ruskin asks him if that was his first time watching her kill with her roses. Shion answers yes and asks what she is. Ruskin tells him that she is also a mutation like the Black Roses but rather the 'perfect' Crimson Rose. Shion realizes who she is and immediately hides behind Ruskin when Claudia approaches them. She asks Ruskin who the boy is as she hadn't seen him before and isn't interested once Ruskin mentions he's a new comer.

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