Red Rose Headquarters
"The safeplace of the Red Rose and the Crimson-Shell Division dedicated to it."
Name Red Rose Headquarters
Kanji 赤は本部ローズ
Unusual Features On an Island off the Coastline
Professional Status
Personal Status
First Appearance

Red Rose Headquarters is the safe place and home base of the Crimson Rose, Claudia, and the special Crimson-Shell Division that exists to research the powers and abilities of the Crimson Rose.


Red Rose Headquarters was founded following the creation of the Black Roses by The Scientist. It is unknown what the original purpose of the organization was, however it gained a new purpose after the disappearance of the Scientist.

After the Scientist disappeared the Crimson Rose was discovered, and the Black Roses were cast out. The Crimson Shell Division was founded to protect the Crimson Rose and defend the organization against the Black Roses.


In the first chapter, Sprout I: Prologue of Prologue, the Crimson-Shell Division was suddenly attacked by many infected humans. It seemed that the Division was having a hard time getting rid of the monsters until Claudia arrived. The Division was specifically made to study and research the abilities of Claudia and to protect her from the Black Roses which threaten her existence.


  • The architecture of Red Rose Headquarters building bears resemblance with Baskerville Clan's estate/mansion building architecture from Pandora Hearts. In addition, Claudia's bedroom in Red Rose Headquarters also similar with the room which Alice "living" as a human.  


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