Common TermsEdit

Crimson-Shell (クリムゾン'·シェル Kurimuzon·Sheru): A special division of the Red Rose Organization that aims to capture the Black Roses and protect the Crimson Rose, Claudia.

Black Roses (ブラックローズ Burakkurōzu): Mutations, made my a mad scientist, who feed on humans to live and can infect them with poison which turns them into monsters commonly called "The Infected'.

Crimson Rose (クリムゾンローズ Kurimuzonrōzu): The only mutation that is 'perfect'. The Crimson Rose does not need to feed on humans to survive and has eternal youth and immortality. Claudia is the only Red Rose in known existence.

The Infected (感染 Kansen): Humans who are victims of the Black Rose's poison after having it injected into them. They turn into montrous, zombie-like creatures commonly seen with huge claws. The seem to have no sense of self and attack at random.

Jet Rose (ジェットローズ Jettorōzu): The Leader of the Black Roses, their aim is to capture Claudia, the Crimson Rose's, Premier Seed.

Premier Seed (プレミアシード Puremiashīdo) : A seed that resides in all mutation of Roses, it can be considered their life-force and without it the Rose will die. A Premier Seed can only be taken out with the Death Scythe.

Death Scythe (死鎌 Shi kama) : A gun that holds special bullets that can tame and immobilize a Rose's abilites. It's also been seen to injure the Rose as well.



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