Jet Rose
CS manga - jet roses mark
Name Jet Rose
Kanji ジェットローズ
Race Mutation
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Black Roses
Occupation Leader of the Black Roses
Personal Status
Status Deceased (Supposedly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Sprout IV: His Eaten Mind

The Jet Rose ( ジェットローズ - Jettorōzu) is the title of the leader of the Black Roses.

Jet RosesEdit

Shion LiddellEdit

Shion was created to be the leader of the Black Roses, the dreaded Jet Rose, and has taken the role ever since.


Victoria helped Shion sneak into Red Rose Headquarters so he could join the Crimson-Shell Division in order to get closer to Claudia. While trying to buy time for him she revealed her 'Jet Rose' mark. Though her mark was only a fake to buy Shion more time.

Jet Rose's MarkEdit

The Jet Rose mark is a black, diamond-shaped rose with four tri-point marks on each side. It is commonly placed somewhere around the upper part of the chest.


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