Name Xeno
Kanji ゼノン(?)
Race Human
Age 27
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Green
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Crimson-Shell Division

Red Rose Headquarters

Previous Occupation Crimson-Shell Division Member
Partner N/A
Previous Partner Claudia
Base of Operations Red Rose Headquarters
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Debut Sprout I: Prologue of Prologue

Xeno is the male secondary protagonist of Crimson-Shell and Claudia's hinted love interest. He is her protector by his own terms and made a promise to her to always protect her from those who deny her existence.


Xeno is a mysterious and lonely man, although he opens up around Claudia and the others and is constantly laughing and making remarks. He is loyal to Claudia and would never betray her without reason. Even after he was infected by the Black Rose's poison he still tried to protect her.


Xeno has dark green hair with messy bangs that reaches the nape of neck in the back and falls closer to his chest in the front. His eyes are green and he has stubble on his chin. His uniform is like that of other Red Rose members retaining the red and white color scheme. He wears a white double collared jacket with silver trim and red-lining on the outside. It also has bronze circular buttons and long sleeves. Underneath is a plain white shirt and black tie that holds the Red Rose Division insignia. His pants and dress shoes are black. He is sometimes seen carrying a sword that looks like a katana and is black with a silver diamond pattern on the hold.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Xeno appears to be a powerful combatant.

  • Swordsmanship - Xeno is proficient in the use of a sword.
  • Hyper Endurance - Like Wilhelm, Xeno also possess enhanced speed, strength, and endurance, greater than that of a normal human.
  • High Physical Resistance - Xeno appears to have a high resistance to poison, as shown by the fact that he is the only person to be poisoned by a Black Rose, but not fully turn into one of The Infected.
  • Intelligence - Xeno is shown to be highly intelligent. He purposefully let people know what he was doing and allowed himself to be recorded by a video camera in an attempt to lure the enemy out.


  • " 'Scuse me. I wanted to ask you something...what's a kid like you doing in a place like this? "
  • "You're in a room of nothing. You can't even see tomorrow from here. Are you going to keep pretending for all eternity that you're alive!!?"
  • "If you're a rose...blossom in full glory whenever you feel like it!!!"
  • "Ha...see you can do it if you try. Silly."


  • Xeno is the only person to be infected by the Black Rose yet not completely turn into a monster.
    Ending - gil

    Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts.

  • Xeno promised Claudia he'd protect her though this promise is actually Wilhelm's role as Claudia's Thorn.
  • Xeno was believed to have betrayed the Red Rose Division but in reality he never truly switched sides.
  • Xeno promise to Claudia is similar to that which Gilbert Nightray gives to Oz later on in the series Pandora Hearts.
  • Xeno's appearance design is similar with Gilbert Nightray in Pandora Hearts series.


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